The Blog is Growing

Hey everybody! Just wanted to do a very quick post to let everyone know how this blog is going to evolve.

In addition to my client services posts and my financial advice (mostly tuned towards professionals in the automotive industry,) I’m also adding several other features. Instead of a single-facet blog, I intend to turn this into a blog-ring. I’ll have pages for travel, pages for cooking, pages for gaming, pages for job help, education, programming/coding, etc. Essentially this blog will be a window into everything that makes me “me.”

My main purpose behind it all is to help everyone else out. If I can create some content that helps you answer a question, or helps you find a solution or a product to assist you, then I’ve done my job.

Stay tuned as the site is going to look a lot different; with a brand-new brand name and an updated feature-laden layout.

Thanks for stopping by, and good luck out there!

-Christopher Smith


Published by

Christopher Smith

Christopher Smith is an experienced Automotive Management Professional with over 13 years in the Automotive Dealership industry. He created this blog to share advice, tips, and tricks to running a profitable and client-services-oriented front-end in an Automotive Service Department.

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